Concert theme: The 60th anniversary of Kim Il Sung Military University
Place: People’s Theatre
Audience: Teachers, cadets and graduates of the university, officials of military schools and military families
KJU: Present
KCNA: Opinion unknown; there exists only the title of the news release, but its contents have been deleted; calendar>> October 29, 2012


00.02.40 애국가 Egukka National anthem 愛国歌

00.04.50 조선로동당 만세 Chosŏn rodongtang manse Hail to the Korean Workers’ Party! 朝鮮労働党万歳
Composition: Om Ha-jin 엄하진, lyrics: An Ho-gun 안호근, 1980
In the previous concert this was instrumental, but here vocal with the whole septet: Pak Mi-kyong, Kim Sol-mi, Jong Su-hyang, Ri Myong-hui, Kim Yu-kyong, Ryu Jina, Pak Son-hyang

00.09.40 아버지 어머니의 청춘 Apŏji ŏmŏniye chŏngchun Vernal years of father and mother 父と母の青春
No creation info.

00.13.39 어머니의 목소리 Ŏmŏniye moksori Mother’s voice 母の声
Composition: Kim Hak-yong 김학영, 1992
Solo: Ryu Jina

00.18.25 결전의 길로 Kyŏljŏnye killo On the road to a decisive battle 決戦の道へ
Composition: Kim Ok-song 김옥성, lyrics: Sok Kwang-hui 석광희, 1951
String quartet: Sonu Hyang-hui, Hong Su-kyong, Cha Yong-mi, Yu Un-jong

00.22.25 우등불 Udŭngbul Campfire 焚火
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Cha Yong-do 차영도, 2010
Vocal quintet: Pak Mi-kyong, Kim Sol-mi, Jong Su-hyang, Kim Yu-kyong, Pak Son-hyang

00.25.42 우리의 행군길 Uriye hengungil On our march 我らの行軍の道
Composition: Song Dong-chun 성동춘, lyrics: O Yong-je 오영재, 1985
String quartet

00.29.54 전사의 길 Jŏnsaye kil Soldier’s road 戦士の道
Composition: U Jong-hui 우정희, 1986
Guitar: Kang Phyong-hui
Duo: Ryu Jina & Pak Son-hyang

00.35.07 장군님을 닮으리 Janggun nimŭl talmŭri We must learn from the general 将軍様を見習おう
Composition: Hu Pan 후반, 2000
Quartet, in reversed pitch order: Pak Son-hyang, Ryu Jina, Kim Yu-kyong, Ri Myong-hui

00.37.57 진군 또 진군 Jingun to jingun Marching and marching 進軍また進軍
Composition: Hwang Hak-gun 황학근, lyrics: group, 1950
Instrumental, violin quartet
00.41.35 녀성해안포병의 노래 Nyŏsŏng hean phopyŏngye nore Song of coastal artillery women 女性海岸砲兵の歌
Composition: Han Hye-se 한희세, lyrics: Pak Nam-hyon 박남현, date unknown, probably music from some film of the 1990s.
This song is not from the previous, but from the 20120825 concert. Ryu Jina sang at that time in the sextet, but is now replaced by Kim Yu-kyong. Ryu may be preparing herself for the following duo – but Pak Son-hyang is not given such preparation time.
Sextet: Pak Mi-kyong, Kim Sol-mi, Jong Su-hyang, Kim Yu-kyong, Ri Myong-hui, Pak Son-hyang

00.44.00 나의 한생 Naye hanseng My life 我が生涯
No creation info
Duo: Ryu Jina & Pak Son-hyang

00.48.26 조국은 영원히 기억하리라 Jogugŭn yŏngwŏni kiŏkharira Remembering our motherland forever 祖国は永遠に記憶せん
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1986
Instrumental, string quartet

00.52.01 내 삶과 조국 Ne samgwa joguk My life and motherland 我が命と祖国
Composition: Ri Kyong-hun 리경훈, lyrics: Kim Sok-chon 김석천, date unknown
Vocal trio: Pak Mi-kyong, Kim Yu-kyong, Pak Son-hyang

00.55.38 조국과 나 Jogukwa na Motherland and I 祖国と私
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1997
Vocal solo: Ryu Jina

01.00.34 우리를 보라 Urirŭl pora Look at us! 我らを見よ
Composer: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Jang Tongu 전동우, 1992

01.04.46 높이 날려라 우리의 당기 Nophi nallyŏra uriye tangi Fly high our Party flag! 高く翻れ我らの党旗
Composition: Kim Dong-chol 김동철, lyrics: Choe Jun-kyong 최준경, 1985
Vocal septet, normal order

01.08.46 당을 노래하노라 Tangŭl norehanora I sing in praise of the Party 党を歌わん
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Cha Yong-do 차영도, 2010
Also in this concert, no special KJU songs, though he appeared strongly in the video. Vocal septet, normal order

01.11.15 Ending ceremonies
Soldiers bring flowers to the performers

Hwang Jin-yong 4 old
U Jong-hui 1 old
An Jong-ho 1 old

No creation info 3

No new KJU songs, 18 old songs, mainly for the party, state and military. 6 or exactly ⅓ by MBB vice directors.

Part of the audience


Sonu Hyang-hui

Sonu Hyang-hui2

Kim Yong-mi

0Kim Yong-mi

Pak Mi-kyong and Kim Sol-mi






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