Concert theme: Grand banquet in honor of scientists, technicians, workers and officials who made a contribution to the successful lift-off of satellite Kwangmyongsong 3-2
Place: Mokran House
Audience: People related to the Unha-3 carrier rocket and Kwangmyongsong 3-2 satellite projects
KJU: Present
KCNA: No praise, but basic contents of the concert mentioned; calendar>>December 21. 2012


00.00.23 Praise for the Unha 9 rocket launch

00.03.07 높이 날려라 우리의 당기 Nophi nallyŏra uriye tangi Fly high our Party flag! 高く翻れ我らの党旗
Composition: Kim Dong-chol 김동철, lyrics: Choe Jun-kyong 최준경, 1985
Septet, normal order: Pak Mi-kyong, Kim Sol-mi, Jong Su-hyang, Ri Myong-hui, Kim Yu-kyong, Ryu Jina, Pak Son-hyang

00.07.17 승리자들 Sŭngnijatŭl The winners 勝利者たち
Composer 작곡: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics 작사: Jang Yong-do 차영도, 2005
Instrumental, vocal sextet at the end, Ri Myong-hui is missing. This and the next one do not appear to be her songs.

00.11.15 이 땅의 주인들은 말하네 I tangye juindŭlŭn marane This land’s masters say この地の主人が語る
Composer: An Jong-ho 안정호, 2000

00.15.02 진군 또 진군 Jingun to jingun Marching and marching 進軍また進軍
Composition: Hwang Hak-gun 황학근, lyrics: group, 1950
Instrumental, string quartet

00.18.40 배우자 Peuja Let’s learn 学びましょう
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1992
This time the song clearly is an encouragement to the scientists.
Quintet: Pak Mi-kyong, Kim Sol-mi, Jong Su-hyang, Kim Yu-kyong, Pak Son-hyang

00.21.56 우등불 Udŭngbul Campfire 焚火
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Cha Yong-do 차영도, 2010

00.24.57 조국과 나 Jogukwa na Motherland and I 祖国と私
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1997
Vocal solo: Ryu Jina

00.29.47 우리의 행군길 Uriye hengungil On our march 我らの行軍の道
Composition: Song Dong-chun 성동춘, lyrics: O Yong-je 오영재, 1985
This time a vocal version: whole septet, but also a special performance by the string quartet

00.34.00 장군님을 닮으리 Janggunnimŭl talmŭri We must learn from the general 将軍様を見習おう
Composition: Hu Pan 후반, 2000
Quartet, with a change of singers compared with the previous concert: Jang Son-hyang (replacing Ryu Jina), Ri Myong-hui, Kim Yu-kyong, Pak Son-hyang

00.36.45 달려가자 미래로 Tallyŏkaja mirero Dash to the future 駆けて行こう未来へ
No creation info
Quartet, again changes: Pak Mi-kyong, Kim Sol-mi, Ryu Jina, Pak Son-hyang (who appears to be a necessary element in practically every group song)

00.39.40 단숨에 Tansume Without a break/In one breath 一気に
Composer: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Yun Du-gun 윤두근, 2003
Instrumental mainly; only the word ”tansume” (in one breath) is exlaimed rapidly every now and then by orchestra members.
This was one of the old hits of the ensemble director Hyon Song-wol and vice director Hwang Jin-yong. They apparently needed rapidly a good energetic song to celebrate the successful rocket launch, and settled on a newly arranged version of this song. This was to become the signature song of MBB.

00.46.07 우리를 보라 Urirŭl pora Look at us! 我らを見よ
Composer: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Jang Tongu 전동우, 1992

00.50.09 당을 노래하노라 Tangŭl norehanora I sing in praise of the Party 党を歌わん
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Cha Yong-do 차영도, 2010

00.54.01 불타는 소원 Pulthanŭn sowŏn Burning wish 燃える望み
Composition: Jong Chun-il 정춘일, lyrics: Hwang Song-ha 황성하, 2012
A KJU song.
Solo: Kim Yu-kyong used to be the solo singer for this song, but now Ryu Jina has replaced her as the lead singer, with the rest of the six singing as supporters.

00.58.26 조선로동당 만세 Chosŏn rodongtang manse Hail to the Korean Workers’ Party! 朝鮮労働党万歳
Composition: Om Ha-jin 엄하진, lyrics: An Ho-gun 안호근, 1980
Septet, but Ryu Jina as the lead singer.

01.03.02 영광을 드리자 위대한 우리 당에 Yŏngkwangŭl tŭrija widehan uri tange Glory to our great Party! 栄光を捧げよう、偉大な党に
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Yun Du-gun 윤두근, 2010

01.07.30 Ending rituals

Jong Chun-il 1 2012
Hwang Jin-yong 6 old
An Jong-ho 3 old

Lyrics new
Hwang Song-ha 1 2012

16 songs, I new KJU + Tansume, 14 old. 9 or over ½ by MBB vice directors. MBB sings surprisingly old songs, especially in view of the fact that there are so many famous composers in the administrative leadership. Perhaps their role was not to compose very much, but rather to choose good songs, their own compositions included, and then to arrange the performances in a new style. Tansume is such a new arrangement, becoming so different from the original that it should be counted among the new songs. 

Ryu Jina presenting the most passionate version of Jogukwa na


First version of Dansume


Planetary atmostphere



Peuja by Pak Mi-kyong, Kim Sol-mi, Jong Su-hyang, Kim Yu-kyong and Pak Son-hyang


Ri Sol-lan

Ri Sol-lan

Choe Jong-im

Choe Jong-im

Part of the audience crying


Kim Jong-mi 김정미 pianossa 20121221 13.13

Almost unnoticed, Kim Jong-mi 김정미 came to play piano in the band, here at 13.13. Kim Yong-mi was equally silently absent for half a year, until she reappeared in synthesizer in 20130411.






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