SMC laulajia2

Concert theme: Joint performance “The Voice of the Mother” was given for the participants in the Fourth Conference of Cell Secretaries of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) by the Moranbong Band and the State Merited Chorus of the Korean People’s Army
Place: People’s Theatre
Audience: Leading officials and cell secretaries of the WPK
KJU: Not present
KCNA: ”The performance was perfect in contents and style” – MB being completely subdued under the weight of SMC; MB does not exist in the title of the news item, only the words ”Joint Performance Given”; calendar>>February 2, 2013

All long hair is now cut also from the remaining musicians. No one smiles any more. Singer Kim Yu-kyong was demoted three ranks down from 대위 tewi 大尉 (captain) to 소위 sowi 少尉 (junior lieutenant), and she acts no more as the lead singer. Ryu Jina has replaced her in that role. Ra Yu-mi entered the ensemble, though at first only in a small role. Basist Ri Sol-lan and accordeonist/synthesizer player Kim Hyang-sun are still in the ensemble, for their last MBB concert. Ri had been promoted to the rank of 상위 sangwi 上尉 (senior lieutenant); the same had happened to singer Kim Sol-mi. Kim Hyang-sun had been 중위 jungwi 中尉 (lieutenant) from the start; no change visible on that rank.

The band members were not alone in their demotions and promotions; Andrei Lankov reported in 2015 many other similar occurrences in the case of generals and high civilian leadership; rapid falls or rises in formal rank, although the tasks and activities remained the same. Lankov placed the reason on Kim Jong Un’s mercurial personnel management style. http://m.koreatimes.co.kr/phone/news/view.jsp?req_newsidx=175674


00.00.29 애국가 Egukka National anthem 愛国歌

00.02.27 인타나쇼날 Intanasyonal L’Internationale インターナショナル
Composition: Pierre De Geyter

00.04.12 어머니의 목소리 Ŏmŏniye moksori Mother’s voice 母の声
Composition: Kim Hak-yong 김학영, 1992
Solo: Ryu Jina

00.08.33 20세기추억 Isip segi chuŏk 20th century recollections 20世紀追憶
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Yun Du-gun 윤두근, 2002
Guitar: Kang Phyong-hui
MBB quartet: Kim Sol-mi, Ryu Jina, Ra Yu-mi, Pak Son-hyang + SMC quartet

00.14.04 그때처럼 우리가 살고있는가 Kŭttechŏrŏm uriga salgoinnŭnga Are we living like back then? あの時のように我らは生きているか
Composition: Ri Jongo 리종오, lyrics: Ri Jong-sul 리정술, 1990
String quartet + all the rest MBB&SMC

00.17.45 내 운명 지켜준 어머니당이여 Ne unmyŏng jikhyŏjun ŏmŏni tangiyŏ Mother Party protects my destiny 私の運命守ってくれる母なる党よ
Composition: Han Si-jun 한시준, lyrics: Jon Tongu 전동우, date unknown, before 2005
SMC solist: Ri Myong-jin 리명진

00.22.38 전사의 길 Jŏnsaye kil Soldier’s road 戦士の道
Composition: U Jong-hui 우정희, 1986
Guitar: Kang Phyong-hui
SMC solists: Kim Ki-yong 김기영, Ri Chung-il 리충일
Kim Ki-yong, the older gentleman of these two, was/is the father of Kim Kyong-ho 김경호, an Unhasu Orchestra baritone. Both of them disappeared, at least from sight, during the upheavals in Pyongyang music ensembles in August 2013; some six months from this concert. This is a good place to appreciate his singing.

00.27.52 어머니 우리 당이 바란다면 Ŏmŏni uri tangi parandamyŏn If the Mother Party wishes 母なる我が党が望むなら
Composition: Kim Mun-hyok 김문혁, lyrics: Jo Ryong-chul 조령출, 1992
MBB starting duo: Ri Myong-hui and Jong Su-hyang, strengthened first by Kim Yu-kyong and Pak Mi-kyong, then by Ryu Jina and Kim Sol-mi. The usual pitch order nor followed.

00.31.46 사회주의 지키세 Sahwejuye jikhise Let’s protect socialism! 社会主義を守ろう
Composer: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1991
SMC+MBB, though only Ri Yun-hui’s drums can be heard separate from the sound that the large SMC makes.

00.34.43 단숨에 Tansume In one breath 一気に
Composer: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Yun Du-gun 윤두근, 2003
MBB+SMC; here the MBB sound was heard, and the style of the performance was that of MBB.

00.39.16 수령님을 따라 천만리 당을 따라 천만리 Suryŏng nimŭl tara chŏnmanri tangŭl tara chŏnmanri Following the leader and Party for millions of miles 首領様に従い千万里、党に従い千万里
Composition: Ri Hak-pom 리학범, lyrics: Ri Jong-sul 리정술, 1988 or earlier
MBB starting trio: Jong Su-hyang, Ryu Jina, Pak Son-hyang + Pak Mi-kyong, Kim Sol-mi, Ri Myong-hui, Kim Yu-kyong

00.43.37 뿌리가 되자 Purika tweja Let us become roots 根っこになろう (SMC)
Composer: U Jong-hui 우정희, lyrics: Jong Song-hwan 정성환, 2012
A Kim Jong-il memorial song
SMC duo: Han Kyong-ho 한경호, Ri Chung-il 리충일
The song was introduced by MBB in the 20120825 concert as a duetto, and here SMC performs it in the same style. It can be that MBB and SMC are not separate organizations, but perhaps sections of the same one. At least there is a strong connection between them. This will become more apparent as the years go by and all civilian traces of MBB disappear.

00.47.42 어머니 Ŏmŏni Mother
Composition: Ryu Yong-nam 류용남, 1992
Mixed quartet: Pak Mi-kyong, Jong Su-hyang, Han Kyong-ho 한경호, Ri Chung-il 리충일
Banyan: Kim Hyang-sun

00.51.00 우리의 행군길 Uriye hengungil On our march 我らの行軍の道
Composition: Song Dong-chun 성동춘, lyrics: O Yong-je 오영재, 1985
SMC quintet: Kim Su-chol 김수철 is named. He can be any of the gentlemen.
MBB string quartet.

00.55.00 높이 날려라 우리의 당기 Nophi nallyŏra uriye tangi Fly high our Party flag! 高く翻れ我らの党旗
Composition: Kim Dong-chol 김동철, lyrics: Choe Jun-kyong 최준경, 1985
MBB octet, with Ryu Jina as the lead singer. SMC choir. Ra Yu-mi has returned to the stage, even though the camera does not focuse on her yet.

00.59.00 인민은 일편단심 Inminŭn ilphyŏndansim Single-minded people 人民は一片丹心
Composition: U Jong-hui 우정희, lyrics: Ri Ji-song 리지성, 2012
Mixed sextet: Ra Yu-mi, Ryu Jina, Pak Son-hyang + 3 SMC singers

01.03.40 당을 노래하노라 Tangŭl norehanora I sing in praise of the Party 党を歌わん
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Cha Yong-do 차영도, 2010
Grande finale

01.06.06 Clappings and bowings

U Jong-hui 3; 2 2012, 1 old
Hwang Jin-yong 3 old
An Jong-ho 1 old

Lyrics new
Jong Song-hwan 1 2012
Ri Ji-song 1 2012

17 songs, 1 foreign, 2 new Korean, 14 old. 7 or almost ½ by MBB vice directors.

The Moranbong Band fell now under more disciplinary times, and the free behavior on stage was subdued. The remaining long hairs were cut to a more decent military length, and faces became sober.

Sonu Hyang-hui1

Sonu Hyang-hui

Hong Su-kyong

Hong Su-kyong

Cha Yong-mi

Cha Yong-mi

Yu Un-jong

Yu Un-jong

Kim Sol-mi Sangwi 10.13

Kim Sol-mi was promoted to the rank of Senior Lieutenant 상위 sangwi 上尉, a jump of two ranks. At 10:13.

Kim Yu-kyong Sowi 58.16

Kim Yu-kyong was removed from her position of the lead singer, and demoted from the rank of Captain to the rank of Junior Lieutenant 소위 Sowi 少尉, a fall of three ranks. At 58:16. Notwithstanding, she remained in the band.

Kim Hyang-sun1

Kim Hyang-sun’s hair was cut short, but in spite of that, this was the last concert where she and Ri Sol-lan were seen. They have since been sighted in other ensembles, and Kim is said to be working as a teacher in some educational institution in Pyongyang.

Ri Sol-lan

Ri Sol-lan, as she was last seen in a concert, behind the male singer.

Ra Yu-mi 09.46

Ra Yu-mi entered the stage, although only in a minor singing role. She can be briefly glimpsed at 09:46.



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