Concert theme: The 81st anniversary of the founding of the Korean People’s Army
Place: Mokran House
Audience: Military commanders and political leadership of DPRK
KJU: Present
KCNA: Hardly mentions the concert at all; calendar>>April 25, 2013


01.53 애국가 Egukka National anthem 愛国歌

04.02 조선인민군가 Chosŏn inmin gunka Song of the Korean People’s Army 朝鮮人民軍歌
Composition: Ra Kuk 라국 , lyrics: Ri Pom-su 리범수, 1968
Instrumental. String quartet starts by standing on tanks.

07.46 진군 또 진군 Jingun to jingun Marching and marching 進軍また進軍
Composition: Hwang Hak-gun 황학근, lyrics: group, 1950
String quartet: Sonu Hyang-hui, Hong Su-kyong, Cha Yong-mi, Yu Un-jong

Military songs medley 軍歌メドレー
11.22 무장으로 받들자 우리의 최고사령관 Mujangŭro pattŭlja uriye chwego saryŏnggwan Let’s serve with arms our highest commander 武装で仕えよう、我らの最高司令官
Composition: Kim Won-gyun 김원균, 1951
Oktet on tanks, in abnormal order: Pak Mi-kyong, Ri Myong-hui, Ryu Jina, Jong Su-hyang / Kim Yu-kyong, Ra Yu-mi, Pak Son-hyang, Kim Sol-mi

12.56 포병의 노래 Phopyŏngye nore Artillery song 砲兵の歌
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1997
Two from each group advanced to the front: Jong Su-hyang, Kim Yu-kyong

14.07 조국의 바다지켜 영생하리라 Jogukye padajikhyŏ yŏngseng harira The sea will watch the eternal life of the country 祖国の海を護り、永生せん
From the 1982 film Memoirs of a war reporter 従軍記者の手記,
Composition: Ra Guk 라국, lyrics: Pak Gu-son 박두선, 1982

15.02 하늘의 방패 우리가 되리 Hanŭlye pangphe uriga tweri We’ll be the shield of the sky 空の盾に我らならん
From the 1950s film Don’t wait for our return 『我らを待つな』, no other info

16.03 땅크병의 노래 Tangghŭbyŏngye nore Song of tank troops タンク兵の歌
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, 1998

17.01 무장으로 받들자 우리의 최고사령관 Muchangŭro pattŭlja uriye chwego saryŏnggwan Let’s serve with arms our highest commander 武装で仕えよう、我らの最高司令官
Composition: Kim Won-gyun 김원균, 1951


18.17 우린 승리자 Urin sŭngnija We are the winners 我ら勝利者
Composition: Kim Won-il 김원일, lyrics: Choe Ro-sa 최로사, date unknown
Solo: Ryu Jina

22.08 평양을 나는 사랑해 Phyŏngyangŭl nanŭn saranghe I love Pyongyang 平壌をわれ愛す
Composition: Jon Min-chol 전민철, lyrics: Pak Chol 박철, 2001
Guitar: Kang Phyong-hui
Solo: Ra Yu-mi. Her star is rising.

26.26 병사들은 대답했네 Pyŏngsadŭlŭn tetaphenne Answer of soldiers 兵士たちは答えた
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1994
Instrumental, string quartet

29.13 우린 사랑한다 Urin saranghanda We love 我らは愛す
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1993
Quintet: Pak Mi-kyong, Kim Sol-mi, Jong Su-hyang, Kim Yu-kyong, Pak Son-hyang

32.43 우리의 총창우에 평화가 있다 Uriye chongchangue phyŏnghwaga itta Peace is on our bayonets 我らの銃剣の上に平和がある
Composition: Ri Jongo 리종오, lyrics: Jong Un-ok 정은옥, 1993
+ oktet

38.15 공격전이다 Kongkyŏk jŏnida This is offensive! 攻撃戦だ
Composition: An Jong-ho 안정호, lyrics: Yun Du-gun 윤두근, 2010

41.57 당중앙을 목숨으로 사수하자 Tangjungangŭl moksumŭro sasuhaja Let’s defend the Party central to our death 党中央を命がけで死守しよう
Composition: Ri Tong-jun 리동준, lyrics: Han Chan-bo 한찬보, 1959

44.22 천만이 총폭탄 되리라 Chŏnmani chongphottan twerira Ten million will become bullets and bombs 千万人が銃爆弾になろう
Composition: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1994

47.22 Ending ceremonies

Hwang Jin-yong 4 old
An Jong-ho 2 old

No creation info 2; old

17 songs, all old mainly military songs. 6 or ⅓ by MBB vice directors.

The outfit had become even more military. From front backwards: Ri Myong-hui, Jong Su-hyang, Kim Sol-mi, and Pak Mi-kyong


The number of singers in the Angel Choir became eight


as Ra Yu-mi was added into the group.


The ranks of the soldiers can easily be seen when they wear this outfit. Ra Yu-mi has one star on her shoulders, implying that she is a sowi, while Sonu Hyang-hui, being a tewi, has four stars.


Kim Jong-mi in piano.

Kim Jong-mi1

A bit clearer picture of the new basist Jon He-ryon.

Jon He-ryon

Kang Phyong-hui with acoustic guitar.

Kang Ryong-hui4



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