Concert theme: The 60th anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War
Place: Mokran House
Audience: Military of various ages
KJU: Present
KCNA: Mentions the concert; calendar>>July 27, 2013

Wrong scale 720:420, which makes it look as if the ladies have become 20 kg fatter; should be 4:3 = 720:540 = 640:480. Can be corrected in VLC or Flip player; QuickTime can do nothing for it.

Ryu Jina is supposed to have been nominated Merited Artiste 공훈배우 in 2013.07.21 by a decree of the Presidium of the DPRK Supreme People’s Assembly (KCNA July 22; same information appears also in various commentator texts). That means a week before this concert, but the title is not shown with her name on the screen, nor is she treated in any complimentary way. Absolutely different from the way Ra Yu-mi was treated in the 20140520 and 20140904 concerts after her nomination to the same title. However, as Moranbong Band Fan page in Facebook found out (https://www.facebook.com/565349613672373/photos/a.579944428879558.1073741828.565349613672373/582108948663106/?type=3&theater), the title will be shown with her name near the end of the 20140520 concert. Only in the 20150427-28 concert Ryu Jina will get a special treatment as the queen of the concert; the kind of treatment given to other members bestowed the rank, such as Ra Yu-mi in 2014 and Kim Yu-kyong in 2016. There is something strange in this. Nevertheless, apparently Ryu Jina got her title already in July 2013.

00.02 TV-ad for the concert
00.42 Entrance of KJU

02.14 애국가 Egukka National anthem 愛国歌

04.27 모든 힘을 전쟁의 승리를 위하여 Motŭn himŭl jŏnjengye sŭngnirŭl wihayŏ Go all out for victory in the war すべての力を戦争に勝利のために
The song name comes from the title of a speech given by Kim Il Song in 1950.06.26, a day after the Korean War started. No other info.
Instrumental + oktet

05.21 Kim Il-song arrives to address the audience

06.30 진군 또 진군 Jingun to jingun Marching and marching 進軍また進軍
Composition: Hwang Hak-gun 황학근, lyrics: group, 1950

08.09 축복의 노래 Chukbokye nore Song for Blessing 祝福の歌
The origin of the song is said to be a letter sent by Kim Jong-il – when he was 11 – to his father at the front in 1952, and consequently the whole song is credited to him; no other creation info.
Duo: Jong Su-hyang, Ryu Jina

13.03 문경고개 Mungyŏng Koge Mungyong Pass 聞慶峠
Composition: Ri Myon-sang 리면상, 1950

전쟁영화노래련곡 Jŏnjeng yŏnghwa nore ryŏngok Medley of war movie songs 戦争映画の歌メドレー
17.18 우리의 최고사령관 Uriye chwego saryŏnggwan Our highest commander 我らの最高司令官
Composition: Kim Won-gyun 김원균, 1951
Septet; Ryu Jina absent

19.36 고지에서의 노래 Kojiesŏye nore Song at the highlands 高地での歌
No creation info
Violin: Sonu Hyang-hui
Guitar: Kang Phyong-hui

21.00 나는 알았네 Nanŭn aranne I understood 私は分かった
From the movie 월미도 ”Wolmido” 「月尾島」
Composition: Ra Guk 라국, lyrics: Jon Tongu 전동우, 1982
Duo: Kim Sol-mi, Pak Mi-kyong

22.30 추억의 노래 Chuŏgye nore Song of recollections 追憶の歌
No creation info
Trio: Jong Su-hyang, Ri Myong-hui, Kim Yu-kyong

23.41 나는 영원히 그대의 아들 Nanŭn yŏngwŏni kŭdeye adŭl I’ll be forever your son 私は永遠にあなたの息子
Lyrics: Jon Tongu 전동우, 1984
Short solo: Kim Yu-kyong (her first after demotion in winter) + sextet

25.03 소년빨찌산의 노래 Sonyŏng parzisanye nore Song of a young partisan 少年パルチザンの歌
Composition: Ri Kyonu 리건우, lyrics: Kim Hak-yon 김학연, 1951

25.52 축포가 오른다 Chukphoga orŭnda Cannon salute (or fireworks) rising 祝砲(花火)が上がる
No creation info


27.52 전승의 축포여 말하라 Chŏnsŭngye chukphoyŏ marara Tell, cannon salute (or fireworks) about the war victory 戦勝の祝砲(花火)よ、語れ
Composition: Nam Chol 남철, lyrics: Ri Ji-song 리지성, 2013
Solo: Ryu Jina

32.51 샘물터에서 Semmul thŏesŏ On the bank of a spring 泉のほとりで
Known in YouTube also as ”At the spring site”
Composition: Yun Sung-jin 윤승진, lyrics: Choe Ro-sa 최로사, 1952
Quintet: Pak Mi-kyong, Kim Sol-mi, Jong Su-hyang, Kim Yu-kyong, Pak Son-hyang
The dance number, where the camera focused also on the feet of two singers, most likely those of Pak Mi-kyong and Kim Sol-mi. This had never happened before, and was to take place never after.

35.33 김일성대원수 만만세 Kim Il Sŏng tewŏnsu manmanse Long long live generalissimo Kim Il Sung 金日成大元帥万々歳
Composition: Ri Myon-sang 리면상, lyrics: group, 1974
10 seconds instrumental intro

35.43 우리는 승리했네 Urinŭn sŭngni henne We won 我らは勝利した
Composition: Ri Myon-sang 리면상(李冕相), 1953

36.51 Kim Il-song himself arrives again and annouces the victory of Korean People’s Army and the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army. Excepting this announcement, the Chinese are completely missing from the horizon of the concert.

38.28 김일성대원수 만만세 Kim Il Sŏng tewŏnsu manmanse

40.34 위대한 전승의 명절 Widehan jŏnsŭngye myŏngjŏl Celebration for the great victory 偉大な戦勝の名節(祝日)
Composition: Hyon Kyong-il 현경일, lyrics: Cha Ho-gun 차호근, 2013

43.34 위대한 년대의 승리자들에게 경의를 드린다 Widehan nyŏndeye sŭngni jadŭlege kyŏngyerŭl tŭrinda Honour to victors of the great year 偉大な年代の勝利者に敬意を捧ぐ
Composition: Jo Kyong-jun & Hyon Un-chol 조경준 & 현은철, lyrics: Han Te-jun & Jong Ye-nyam 한태준 정예냠, 2013
Oktet; in the middle of the song they take flowers, apparently carnations, from a side table and present them to war veterans

46.02 7.27 행진곡 Chirichi hengjingok July 27 march 7・27の行進曲
Composition: Jo Kyong-jun 조경준, lyrics: Cha Ho-gun 차호근, 2013.
A new Kim Jong-un song, linking him to the celebration of his grandfather 61 years earlier. Unhasu Orchestra performed the same song exactly on the same day in the same manner as the grande finale; the last song the ensemble ever performed publicly. Videos on the background are different, although the theme – parades and KJU – and some scenes are similar. Possibly different production and support units, but higher level supervision in the arrangement of the repertoire.
Hwang Jin-yong 2 old
An Jong-ho 1 old
Kim Un-ryong 1 2013
Jo Kyong-jun 2 2013 (1 with Hyon Un-chol)
Nam Chol 남철 1 2013
Composition: Hyon Kyong-il 현경일

Lyrics new
Ri Myong-gun 1 2013
Cha Ho-gun 2 2013
Ri Ji-song 1 2013
Han Te-jun & Jong Ye-nyam 1 2013

No creation info 5; 1 2013, 4 old

30 songs; 6 new, 24 old. Of the 6 new songs only 3 appeared to be specifically KJU songs, the other were war victory songs. Only 4 were by MBB vice directors; the proportion is falling. Hwang Jin-yong and An Jong-ho have not yet produced any new published KJU songs.

The famous legs, though the scale is still wrong.



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