Photo: Rodong Sinmun

Concert theme: Completion of the remodeling of Songdowon International Children’s Camp. Specific title of the concert: We have nothing to envy in this world (세상에 부럼없어라 Sesange purŏmŏpsŏra 世の中に羨むことはない)
Publisher: Concert not published. It has not been shown in NK TV, nor is there any Youtube video. Perhaps no video exists. The only info on the concert is an article in Rodong Sinmun

Place: City of Wonsan (원산 元山) on the northeastern coast (the birthplace of Kim Ki-nam); Songdowon International Children’s Camp(송도원국제소년단야영 松涛園国際少年団野営所
Audience: Boy and girl scouts, top Pyongyang brass, Kim Ki-nam included
KJU: Present; he reportedly likes to be in the presence of children, and gives special attention to children camps, orphanages, kindergartens, and schools. He himself is the father of a young daughter.
KCNA: Mentions the ceremony, but not MB. calendar>>May 2. 2014 Juche 103


녀성중창 Female duet 소년단행진곡 Sonyŏndan hengjingok March of young pioneers 少年団行進曲
Composition: Ri Myong-sang 리면상(李冕相), 1946

녀성3중창 female trio 장군님과 아이들 Janggunnim kwa aitŭl The general and children 将軍様と子どもたち
Composition: Kim Un-ryong 김운룡, lyrics Kim Jong-gun 김정곤, 1998
Vice director Kim Un-ryong is not a young composer, because he was active already in the late 1990s. The vice directors Hwang, An and U started already in the 1970s – early 1980s, so he may be some 20 years younger than they, i.e. in his forties.

녀성2중창 Female duet 아버지는 전선에 계신다 Apŏjinŭn jŏnsŏne kyŏsinda Father is in the front line お父さまは前線におられる
Composition: Ri Jongo 리종오, lyrics: Kim Jun-ik 김준익, 2006

녀성독창 Female solo 우리 아버지 Uri apŏji My father 私のお父さん
Composition: Ri Jongo 리종오, lyrics: Ri Jong-sul 리정술, 1993

노래련곡 Medley 歌曲メドレー 《아동영화노래묶음》 Atong yŏnghwa nore mukkŭm Medley of children’s movie songs 児童映画の歌メドレー

노래련곡 Medley 歌曲メドレー  《만화영화세계》 Manhwa yonghwa segye World of animation films 漫画映画の世界

녀성중창 Female duet 세상에 부럼없어라 Sesange purŏmopsŏra We have nothing to envy in this world この世に羨むものなし
Composition: Kim Hyok 김혁, lyrics: group, 1961

There might have been also other songs, but they are not mentioned by RS. They all are old NK songs, apparently something that the children are used to.

Sonu Hyang-hui is apparently missing from the performance. Only Hong Su-kyong, Cha Yong-mi and Yu Un-Jong can be seen in strings.

2014-05-03-07-01MB http:::www.rodong.rep.kp:ko:index.php?strPageID=SF01_02_01&newsID=2014-05-03-0003&chAction=S

Photo: Rodong Sinmun

2 thoughts on “2014.05.02”

  1. hellonc said:

    Hi there, a video from a news story can be found here:

    It starts around at the 35 minute mark. Interestingly, there is someone conducting the band during some parts. You can see at around 36:56.

  2. 녀성2중창 《아버지는 전선에 계신다》
    Female duo “Father is in the Frontline”
    Duo: Ra Yu Mi and Ryu Jin A, probably.

    녀성독창 《우리 아버지》
    Female solo “My Father”
    Solo: Ra Yu Mi, probably.

    녀성3중창 《장군님과 아아들》
    Female trio “The General and Children”

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