DPRKToday stage

Photo from DPRKToday

Theme: Celebrating the second successful launch of the Intercontinental Ballistic Rocket Hwasong-14.
Artists: State Merited Chorus & Moranbong Band
Conductor: Ryu Hyon Ho 류현호
Place: People’s Theatre
Audience: State and army high officials, scientists, techinicians and other defense related people
KJU: not present. There was also a banquet at the Mokran House without a concert, and he was present there.
KCNA Korean English
Photos at http://dprktoday.com/main.php?type=202&no=10553
Published: DPRKNow was the fastest, better versions elsewhere

A good professional concert. No complaints. The name of the newest singer is most likely 김청예 Kim Chong-ye.

01.07 《김정은장군께 영광을》 Kim Jong Un janggunkke yŏnkwangŭl Glory to General Kim Jong-un 金正恩大将に栄光を
Composition Kim Kang-nam 김강남, lyrics Cha Yong-do 차영도, 2016
Music: SMC & MBB; singing: MBB
The previous concert had ended with this song; now it was the starter.

05.10 《빛나는 조국》 Pinnanŭn joguk Brilliant motherland 輝く祖国
Composition: Ri Myŏn-sang 리면상, lyrics: Pak Se-yon 박세영, 1947
SMC played an overture, MBB performed the rest. In the previous concert MBB did it all. There is clearly more integration in this concert.

10.09 《영광드립니다 조선로동당이여》 Yŏngkwang tŭrimnida Josŏn Rodongtangiyŏ Wishing glory for the Korean Worker’s Party 朝鮮労働党に栄光を捧げる
Composition: Kim Un-ryong 김운룡, lyrics: Cha Ho-gun 차호근, 2016
Music: SMC; singing: SMC & MBB
This is from the 20161228 concert

14.54 《내 나라 제일로 좋아》 Ne nara jeillo joa I love my country best 私の国は一番のお気に入り
Composition: Ri Jongo 리종오, lyrics: Choe Jun-kyŏng 최준경, 1991
Title song of the film Race and destiny 민족과 운명 民族と運命
Instrumental by MBB. This song is almost always played without vocals, and since 20160213, whether then performed by the MBB or SMC, as a number with small solos enabling musicians to display their individual skills. So also here. Sonu Hyang-hui appeared satisfied and almost smiled (19.23). I am satisfied with that. She is an important indicator of the mood.

Sonu Hyang-hui 19.23

19.41 《아버지라 부릅니다》 Apŏjira purŭmnida He is called father 父と呼びます
Composer: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Ryu Tong-ho 류동호, 2017
MBB, vocals: Kim Hyo-sim, Jong Su-hyang, Yu Bong-mi

24.11 《이 땅의 주인들은 말하네》 I ttangye juindŭlŭn marane This land’s masters say この地の主人が語る
Composer: An Jong-ho 안정호, 2000
MBB. This used to be a song performed by the MBB in nearly all concerts in 2012, but never after it. First time in 5 years here, with a different sextet (excepting Jong Su-hyang) and with slight jazz elements added.

28.13 《공화국로케트병행진곡》 Konghwaguk rokhethŭpyŏng hengjingok March of the Rocketeers of the Republic 共和国ロケット兵行進曲
MBB & SMC, instrumental. In the previous concert only MBB played this song, now also SMC has studied the tunes.

32.19 《운명의 손길》 Unmyŏng ye songil Hand of destiny 運命の手
Composition: Sin Il-je 신일재, lyrics: Hwang Song-ha 황성하, 2015
Backing: MBB; solos: SMC. Clarinet: 선우정혁 Sonu Jong-hyok; saxophone: 황승철 Hwang Sung-chol
This song was first presented in the WPK 70 year anniversary celebrations in the 20151011 concert series, with Ryu Jina singing solo then. Hwang used to play saxophone in Unhasu Orchestra. Whether Jong-hyok is related to Hyang-hui is not known; Sonu is not a very common surname.

37.40 《우리 앞날 밝다》 Uri aphnal pakda Our future is bright 我らの未来は明るい
Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, 1994
SMC. This is a staple SMC number, suitable for a large male choir.

41.23 《단숨에》 Tansume Without a break/In one breath 一気に
Composer: Hwang Jin-yong 황진영, lyrics: Yun Du-gun 윤두근, 2003
MBB. Again a newly arranged version, and of course a new video, because of the new rocket. The USA was duly destroyed at the end, as usual.

Atom expl 46.12 Montana?

It appears that the bomb imaginatively exploded somewhere in Montana, a sparsely populated US state with about 1M inhabitants. It has large tracts of wilderness and open prairies, and a nuclear explosion would not do much harm for humans there, compared with it exploding in a big city. Though, I have friends from Montana and would not like their relatives to be hurt. Whether the location was planned by the North Korean video makers, or was just a random spot, cannot be known.

46.27 《화성포의 노래》 Hwasongpho ye nore Song of Mars/Fire Star cannon 火星砲の歌
The same melody as in 빛나라 광명성 Pinnara Kwangmyŏngsŏng Twinkle twinkle Shining-Bright-Star! 輝け、光明星, made in 2016 for celebrating the successful satellite launch, but different lyrics.
MBB, like in the previous concert.

49.45 《영원히 한길을 가리라》 Yŏngwŏni hangilrŭl karira Let’s proceed in a line to eternity 永遠に一筋に行かん
Composition: Ri Hak-pom 리학범, lyrics: Ri Jong-sul 리정술, 1981
This has been previously used in grande finales, this time in approaching it.

58.18 《그이 없인 못살아》 Kŭi ŏpsin mossara We cannot live without him あの方なしでは生きられない
Composition 작곡: Kim Un-ryong 김운룡, lyrics 작사: Cha Ho-gun 차호근, 2013
《김정은장군께 영광을》 Kim Jong Un janggunkke yŏnkwangŭl Glory to General Kim Jong-un 金正恩大将に栄光を
Composition Kim Kang-nam 김강남, lyrics Cha Yong-do 차영도, 2016
Grande finale

01.03.40 Ending ceremonies


Kim Jong-mi 09.53

As usual, 김정미 Kim Jong-mi was placed alone far away from the front stage, behind the backs of everyone, and behind even her own concert piano.

Kim Jong-mi & al 09.57

Unusually, her face could be seen this time, behind the SynthAnon, BassAnon and guitarist 조경희 Jo Kyong-hui.

Drums 18.36

DrummerAnonymous was another one of the important backstage heroes.

Choe Jong-im 30.25

Saxophonist 최정임 Choe Jong-im, likewise

리희경 Ri Hui-kyong was in her usual place at the back left, where she has been for years. Now it can be seen that even her military rank was demoted down to 소위 sowi 少尉 (junior lieutenant), apparently at the same time with everyone else, sometime in autumn 2016. The mystery cause for that operation would be interesting to find out.

Anon synth cello bass 07.50

Three anonymous players: bass, cello and synthesiser.

Anon synth 08.16

The synthesiser player is the same lady who for the 20161228 concert replaced 김영미 Kim Yong-mi. This appears to be her third MBB concert in a row, so she no more is a visitor.

Anon Bass 18.16

BassistAnonymous. Like the previous lady, also she came for the 20161228 concert, moving in from the Chongbong Band to replace Jon Hye-ryon. She seems to be a stable MBB member now, but the North Korean propaganda administration is in no hurry to reveal her name.

Jon He-ryon watches Sonu Hyang-hui 46.58

Unlike Kim Yong-mi, whose whereabouts are not known, 전혜련 Jon Hye-ryon was only moved to the SMC. She is here watching keenly at Sonu Hyang-hui at 46.58, with an inexplicable look on her face. What happened during summer or autumn 2016? No news, no rumours.

조경희 Jo Kyong-hui’s hands were shown well in this concert, but face not much.

DPRKToday violins

The string quartet, the original soul of the band, now an element of the orchestra with occasional front stage appearances. Hong Su-kyong, Sonu Hyang-hui, Cha Yong-mi, CellistAnonymous. Original photo from DPRKToday, cut to focus by me.

Hong Su-kyong 08.19

홍수경 Hong Su-kyong

Sonu Hyang-hui 19.17

선우향희 Sonu Hyang-hui looks like her former self, and seems to be getting interested in performing again.

Cha Yong-mi 21.02

차영미 Cha Yong-mi and Hong Su-kyong’s bracelet.

Different moods.

Cello 16.04

CellistAnonymous. She replaced 유은정 Yu Un-jong for the 20161228 concert, and like the BassistAnon and SynthAnon, has stayed.

DPRKToday singers in reverse pitch order

The vocal sextet. Their uniform is the same, excepting different shoes, which are individual. All breaks to the otherwise strictly regimented style are welcome. The ladies are in an inverted pitch order, from left to right: 리수경 Ri Su-kyong, 유봉미 Yu Pong-mi, 정수향 Jong Su-hyang, 조국향 Jo Kuk-hyang, 김효심 Kim Hyo-sim, and the lady believed to be 김청예 Kim Chong-ye. Both Jo Kuk-hyang and Kim Hyo-sim returned to the band for the 20161228 concert, which brought so many changes in the musicians. Photo from DPRKToday, cut to focus by me.

The many faces of 리수경 Ri Su-kyong. She looks quite different from different angles, and seems to have gained a bit weight since 2015.

Yu Pong-mi 27.04

유봉미 Yu Pong-mi

Jong Su-hyang 58.53

정수향 Jong Su-hyang

Jo Kuk-hyang 03.51

조국향 Jo Kuk-hyang

Kim Hyo-sim 20.21

김효심 Kim Hyo-sim

김청예 Kim Chong-ye 27.11 (1)

김청예 Kim Chong-ye, probably

김청예 Kim Chong-ye 27.12 (2)

김청예 Kim Chong-ye, probably

선우정혁 Sonu Jong-hyok SMC 32.37

선우정혁 Sonu Jong-hyok of the SMC. Whether he is a bother of Hyang-hui or not is not known. At least he is a former visitor to MBB, because he played saxophone in a white MBB uniform in the 20161228 concert. He looks older in the SMC uniform. 

SaxAnon MBB 20161228 18.13

선우정혁 Sonu Jong-hyok in the 20161228 concert. Same skull shape, same ear and nose, but much lighter clothing.

황승철 Hwang Sung-chol SMC CBB UO 36.59

황승철 Hwang Sung-chol. A member of the famous Unhasu Orchestra saxophone sextet 2009-2013, in the Chongbong Band in 2015, and now in the State Merited Chorus as an important solo performer. Though in a duo this time.

Conductor Ryu Hyon Ho 류현호 41.13

The SMC and in times MBB conductor Ryu Hyon-ho 류현호


7 thoughts on “2017.07.30”

  1. The song at 19.41 is 아버지라 부릅니다
    It is an arrangement of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoGa7VaSgec
    in that video the names of the composer and text writer are shown

  2. pekkakorhonen said:

    Pictures of and personnel speculations on the 2017.07.30 concert.

  3. Had Sonu Jong-hyok not played Sax with the MB, in the December 2016 Concert?

    • pekkakorhonen said:

      Now that I watch that video again, there indeed is a lot of resemblance in the face and shape. The 20170730 SMC clarinetist looks much older and fatter than the 20161228 MBB saxophonist, who looks like a boy, but the reason may be the SMC uniform, which is not very becoming to anybody. … … yes, the more I look at them, the more they look the same. Thanks.

  4. hellonc said:

    Not visible, but the Louboutin style red-soled shoes are back. Cropped from a picture from Arthur Yabe’s Twitter account.

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