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  1. moalian said:

    Hi MBB forum members, Uriminzokkiri publish on youtube this video
    Some interesting scenes but not clear what it is about, comments are disabled. Who is singing ? When ? Do we see any familiar faces ? Anyone can shed some light on this?

    The scene of a large group of girls parading in the streets, all uniform in clothes and hairstyle made me realize that like KJU’s visual appearance resembles his grandfather, maybe the increasingly uniform appearance of ladies of the MBB is also a reflection of the same era. In comparison the ladies of the SMC are not restricted in style. Just a though.

    • pekkakorhonen said:

      It is about the history of the song “조선행진곡 / Chosŏn hengjingok / March of Korea”, with lyrics and composition by Kim Won-gyun – who also wrote the national anthem and many other early DPRK songs – this one in 1945. There also seemed to be instruction on the proper style with which it should be performed, and all this was connected with KJU and the present situation where North Korea now is: In an angry shouting match with the United States. As I am rather helpless with spoken Korean, I did not get any sharp sense of what was said, but I guess it was the usual stuff. Nor did I recognize any familiar faces.

      Your point about the MBB hair style is worth thinking about. Many, though not all, women in the videos had a hair of similar length.

    • AMD Rocks said:

      On August 15, 1945, Japanese Emperor Hirohito announced that his country will accept unconditional surrender and called for a ceasefire that formally ended World War II. As a result, August 15th is the national liberation day in both North and South Korea. The video shows thousands of people gathered to celebrate the liberation in Pyongyang, North Korea, on Aug 16 1945. In this overwhelming moment, Kim Won-kyun got the melody in his head and wrote the song “조선행진곡 / March of Korea”.

  2. AMD Rocks said:

    MBB 단숨에(Tansume, Without a Break) cover by South Korea’s amateur musicians. After watching this video, I realized that it was a very difficult piece for violin.

  3. This version of the new song 어머니당에 드리는 노래 shows pretty good how north korean studio records work.

    • pekkakorhonen said:

      It is a nice studio, with the great Hwang Un Mi singing. All artists shown in bright light. Very good. I would translate 어머니당에 드리는 노래 as “Song of Devotion to Mother Party”. Creator info will hopefully appear before long.

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