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  1. pekkakorhonen said:

    I happened to get hold of a highly interesting document, namely the guest list of participants in the final inter-Korean summit dinner in Panmunjom yesterday evening = 2018.04.27. Here are some details from it.

    Among guests:
    Hyön Song Wöl 현송월
    b. 1977, thus she is or will be 41 years old in this year
    At present Samjiyon Orchestra leader & candidate/alternate member of the Central Committee of the Party
    Formerly Moranbong Band leader and Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble singer
    Because her titles, and those of Jang Ryong-sik below, are presented in this way, I suppose that Samjiyon Orchestra is meant to be a stable organization in its current form. There has been speculation whether it was put up only for diplomacy or not. I now believe that it is here to stay.

    Jang Ryong Sik 장룡식
    Samjiyon Orchestra conductor

    Cha Yöng Mi 차영미
    Moranbong Electronic (!) Band musician
    모란봉전자악단 연주가
    = the Band still exists, as a separate entity, and is not amalgamated totally with the SMC. Probably the new name of the MBB does not signify any big change, and may not last, and can be a mistake, but we’ll see. Absolutely interesting that she was among the invited guests. Was she a diplomatic representative of the MBB? If so, why? Is some event being contemplated?

    Hwang Ün Mi 황은미
    Mansudae yesuldan vocal artist = she is not employed in the SMC, only sometimes performs with it. Was she also present as a diplomatic representative of a musical ensemble?


    Artists, who performed during the dinner (and were probably fed properly afterwards). The names seem to be in an order of leadership and age

    Kim Su Myöng 김수명
    Samjiyon Orchestra artist (배우)
    first violin, from Chongbong Band and UO

    Kim Söng Sim 김성심
    b. 1982
    Samjiyon Orchestra vocal artist (성악배우)

    Kim Ju Hyang 김주향
    b. 1992
    Samjiyon Orchestra vocal artist

    Söng Yöng 송영
    b. 1996
    Samjiyon Orchestra vocal artist


    Yö Sim 여심
    b. 1989
    Samjiyon Orchestra performer (연주가)
    (what is the difference between 연주가 and 배우?)

    Other SO artists (배우) without personal information
    U Hye Yöng 우혜영 (violin)
    Ju Ryön Ok 주련옥 (probably cello)
    Jöng Ün Gyöng 정은경 (contrabass)
    Hong Yun Mi 홍윤미 (probably drums)


    I do not know how to translate 유술배우(마술) … jiujitsu artists who perform magic?
    Kim Kwang Chöl 김광철 & Kim Ji Hyang 김지향

  2. pekkakorhonen said:

    Picture of the dinner concert

  3. hellonc said:

    I don’t know if this is an issue with the comment system or WordPress on my end but my comments don’t seem to be coming through when it contains link (Spam filter I guess?). In any case, if you search for “”판문점에 울려 퍼지는 아리랑” ‘하나의 봄’ 환송행사 (하이라이트)” on Youtube, you can see Cha (left, long hair) and Hyon (middle) five seconds in.

    • Wow Cha Yong Mi has really changed.Her face is a lot more different than we have seen her a year ago.How old might she be now? Late 20s? Or early 30s?

    • pekkakorhonen said:

      Thanks. The problem is in WordPress spam settings. I cannot change them, no place to do it, unlike in normal email settings. Yes, like in the case of Kim Sol Mi, their hair grows long when they are out of the stage for a while. The usual hair length appears to be part of the stage uniform. Long hair or short hair, the most significant thing is that she was in Panmunjom yesterday.

    • AMD Rocks said:

      In this video we can clearly see Cha Yong-mi, Hwang Eun-mi and other musicians.

  4. pekkakorhonen said:

    So many cameras, and the net full of videos, but all of them focusing on the same locations: the high state representatives. At least one of them could have properly videoed the musical performances. Here at 3:07 onwards we can see the introduction of the artistic diplomats to the high brass, lead by Jang Ryong Sik, followed by his boss, then Cha Yong Mi, and Hwang Un Mi. We can see the backs of their heads.

    Anyway, I continue to be intrigued by the fact that some North Korean musical ensembles had their own diplomatic representatives in the summit. The whole choreography of the event was highly unusual. Experts here say that Mun Jae-in is actually an amateur in diplomacy, and likewise so is Kim Jong Un. Maybe so, but thanks to that they do things out of the box, and they do it quite skilfully.

    The video contains also long shots at the royalty.

  5. I hope my reply does bypass the spam-filter this time:

    I think 모란봉전자악단 was just a mistake by the Blue House, as Cha Yong-mi is presented as 차영미 모란봉악단 연주가. But more interesting is the fact, that Hyon Song-wol was introduced as 삼지연악단 단장 현송월 and not as 삼지연관현악단 단장 현송월.

    • AMD Rocks said:

      Cha’s name tag on her chest was exactly matched with “모란봉전자악단 차영미” (Moranbong Electronic Ensemble, Cha Yong-mi), and I think her name tag information is based on NK’s documentation. Also I could hear a Northern accent when Hyon Song-wol was introduced as 삼지연악단 단장 현송월 not as 삼지연관현악단 단장 현송월. I believe he was a NK’s staff. Yes, there were two different voices when dinner guests were introduced to Moon and KJU.

    • AMD Rocks said:

      A small correction : Cha’s name tag was “모란봉전자악단 연주가, 차영미”(Moranbong Electronic Ensemble musician, Cha Yong Mi).

  6. Kim Jong-un again in China, this time meeting Xi Jinping in the northern city of Dalian.
    I’m really looking forward for the US-DPRK Summit.

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