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570 thoughts on “Forum”

  1. I created a page about MBB. It contains some of my opinions about the band and I also invite people to view this site. My first commentary involves merited artiste Ra Yu mi
    (Pekka, I used some of your photos and made it a collage.)

    • pekkakorhonen said:

      Very good. A nice site. None of the pictures are originally mine, I have only cut or otherwise edited them somewhat. Freely usable, as far as I am able to permit it.

  2. SilentObserver95 said:

    Explore DPRK uploaded song “The Heroes” on their website
    Is it new song?

    • pekkakorhonen said:

      Yes and no. MBB has performed it in March 2014, with Ra Yu-mi as the solo singer. The singer here apparently is also her. But we have never before heard it, because a complete video from the concert series has never been published. It is no. 11 in the list of songs on this page:
      Whether this now indicates a return of Ra on stage or not, will be seen.

      • MBfan said:

        Let’s see in about two weeks. Maybe a party foundation concert will happen.

      • pekkakorhonen said:

        Yes, let’s see. Totally impossible to predict anything.

  3. kennethm said:

    I just uploaded a couple of videos to my new Youtube channel with focus on audio and video quality. Lossless audio uploads and videos are upscaled to 1080 HD at 50 frames/sec. The idea is to try to preserve as much detail as possible. I will try to add English subtitles although me Korean skills are very basic. Any help with translations is welcome…
    I will not publish complete concerts. The channel can be found at:

    • pekkakorhonen said:

      A good channel. As you said, quality is excellent and very welcome. You apparently aim for publishing specific artistically exceptional performances.

  4. A little bit off-topic, but it seems that the mystery about PEE musician, People’s Actor Kim Won-il is finally solved.
    His name reappeared on sheet music for some songs on DPRK Today website, and in a recent airing of TV documentary about Arirang song his presence on stage with PEE is not edited out, although it is very brief. Possibly he was just purged and sent to a camp for some crime, and editing of PEE performances may be done because of his position in the band – apart from composers and conductors, he was the second highest-ranked PEE member (pianist Jon Kwon is higher with People’s Artist, Kim Kwang-suk and Jon Hye-young are equally ranked).

  5. pekkakorhonen said:

    Thanks. These changes in the statuses of artists are always interesting.

  6. New Song

  7. Jon Hye-ron played the bass in the latest SMC concert.
    (She played also bass in the latest CB concert in august.)

  8. suki jin said:

    I pray that Korea’s reunification as soon as possible and raise a song
    *Nostalgic Mount Kumgang*(70th anniversary of Independence from the performances. In S.Korea)-

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