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  1. suki jin said:

    The interview video about MBB members is really amazing.
    Recently KBS broadcast MBB. There is nothing new, but it is an analysis of trends of MBB performances in the past and present.

  2. suki jin said:

  3. A third Interview.

    • hellonc said:

      I don’t want to be that guy, but does anyone recognize the lady with Jon Hye-ron?

    • AMD Rocks said:

      The interviewer: Comrade(동무) Ryu Jina, are you doing your makeup now?
      How is your throat’s condition today?

      Ryu Jina: I’m Okay, today.
      The interviewer: Are you Okay? You are doing concerts without a single day’s break. Don’t you feel tired?
      Ryu Jina: I’m okay with that. Even though we are tired and exhausted due to 3 continuous concerts a day, we may rejoice in the fact that our song can help and motivate people to stand up and armed with the ideology of the Party. I only think how can I do better on the stage.

      The interviewer: Excuse me, comrade(동지) Jo Guk-hyang. To me, you look youngest on the state.
      Jo Guk-hyang: I’m 19 years old.
      The interviewer: Are you 19 years old? So many days passed since you started the concert tours, don’t you want to go to Pyongyang?
      Jo Guk-hyang: Over the last one month, we had concerts in Wonsan, Hamheung and here Sinuiju. I would like to go back to Pyongyang as soon as I finish all schedules.

      The interviewer: What does it feel like to receive bunches of flowers?
      Ri Hui-kyong: I would like to truly thank the audiences for all of their hearty cheers and bunches of flowers throughout the concerts.

      (Any corrections are welcome and will be very much appreciated.)

      • AMD Rocks said:

        (Correction) The interviewer: Excuse me, comrade(동지) Jo Guk-hyang. To me, you look youngest on the stage.

        • pekkakorhonen said:

          Thousand thanks. I was able to recognize only that they were talking about Pyongyang.

          I do not understand why from the Interviewer’s position the Merited Artiste Ryu Jina is 동무 but the very young Jo Guk-hyang is 동지. Could she be a personal acquaintance of Comrade Jina? How should one read that?

        • AMD Rocks said:

          We know ‘동지’ is a more formal expression than ‘동무’ but I have no idea why the reporter called Jo Guk-hyang ‘동지’. Perhaps she wants to express some kind of respect and affection for the youngest member of the band.

      • Oneder said:

        If Jo Guk Hyang said she’s 19 years old. Does it mean that she’s only 18 years old? Because the Korean age system usually adds 1-2 years more than an actual age.

        • AMD Rocks said:

          I have found some interesting article here.

          “Ask a North Korean: Do you use Korean age in North Korea too?”

          Koreans have two different ageing systems – Korean age and birthday age(Western age). The birthday age is the official system used for all legal purposes in S Korea.

        • pekkakorhonen said:

          Good. That answers the question. As NKNews is behing a paywall I’ll take a quote from the North Korean interview: “We use both Korean age and international age in North Korea. When you ask ordinary North Koreans how old they are, they will give you their Korean age. But, the Party and public servants will tell you their international age.” A command by Kim Jong Il. Jo Guk Hyang is most likely a party member and she certainly is a public servant, and is thus likely to be 19 in the international count, 20 in the East Asian count.

  4. pekkakorhonen said:

    Nothing about music, but an interesting 360 degree aerial video about Pyongyang by Aram Pam.

  5. Song Junhoe said:

    • pekkakorhonen said:

      This is a surprise. After Jo Guk Hyang’s announced wish to return to Pyongyang, we would have expected the end of the Tour. Did she not know that the Tour would continue? Are decisions being made on an ad hoc basis along the road? If they will tour all of the provinces, they will not return to the capital until late spring.

      If they will continue with three performances a day, they probably are used as symbols of the hard work and perseverance required of DPRK citizens now. They suffer, but they continue, and they do that for the people. The personalized interviews, opening the human dimension to us spectators, would point to that direction.

      But even here I have the feeling that the script of the play is being written as they go along. Will we something new in Kanggye?

      • kwaximus said:

        Well, she said she would be happy to return home as soon as the tour schedule is over meaning that at least some part of the schedule is still ahead. I wish it ends soon. The girls look exhausted. The leadership of the band should not be overworking them this hard. This is inhuman.

    In the new flyer they also show the names of the musicians (also the anonymus cello), but sadly its unreadable.

  7. Migs Caldeo said:

    I’m not sure if this has been mentioned here before, but apparently, the notes on the Moranbong Band logo are the first two bars of “Song of General Kim Jong Il”.

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