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  1. kwaximus said:

    Explore DPRK has just published the song Our Father by the Moranbong Band. I am not sure if this is a new song or not. The MB used to sing a song with the same name but this is a different one. What’s interesting is that this one appears to be sung by Ra Yu Mi. If this is a new song it really gives a reason to look forward to the next concert.

    • pekkakorhonen said:

      Thanks Kwaximus. Something is indeed happening. What is now arriving at YouTube are individual songs from the unpublished Children’s Camp concert in 2 May 2014. This song “Our Father” is also from there, and more can be heard at the Japanese MQube site. I have now corrected mistakes and updated all available information at the 2014.5.2 page here:

      Links to available songs can be found there. I this sense we now can hear a bit of a previously unheard concert, though not a new one. Anyway, the sound of the 2014 Moranbong Band is absolutely fine. Very welcome and thanks again to Arthur Yabe.

      In less than two weeks, Friday 6 July 2017 would mean the 5-year anniversary of the first public concert of the Moranbong Band. Will we have a jubilee concert then is something I have no idea of.

      • kwaximus said:

        Thanks, Pekka! The song does have the distinct 2014 sound but I was not able to find it in the published concerts. Now everything is clear.

  2. pekkakorhonen said:

    Speculating on a possible concert in 6 July. There is another piece of info from Arthur. The Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun published today an article, which claims that among the documents of the ousted Pak Gun-hye government was found an order signed by the president herself in December 2015 about measures to “change the North Korean leadership”.

    The methods obviously also include assassination. It is not possible to know what is true and what is not in these matters, but if true, and if the South Korean secret service had worked during 2016 according to the presidential order, the assassination of KJU’s older half-brother Kim Jong Nam in February in Kuala Lumpur could be associated with this. If you try to install a new leader, another member of the Kim family would likely be the most acceptable for the North Korean population, because it is a sacred leadership line. KJN living under Chinese protection in Macao would have been an obvious person to be contacted by the South Korean secret service, and someone the North Korean leadership would have wanted to eliminate in such a situation. This thought is from Kawaguchi Tomohiko.

    In 8 June 2017 North Korea published a video claiming another assassination attempt
    The time frame of this attempt starts in 2014. It could be related to the Pak Gun-hye news, or be something different.

    Anyway: as the air is thick of rumours of possible assassination attempts at KJU, he certainly would not sit in the audience of a concert whose time and possible location were known beforehand. Everything concerning his movements is published only afterwards. Even arranging a concert, where he theoretically could participate, would from the North Korean perspective be a security threat because of all US-South Korean talk of “decapitation” during the past year. It could also be done by missiles from drones. In practice such an attack would be quite unlikely, but those responsible for security arrangements make their calculations on the basis of worst scenarios.

    Conclusion: I sadly believe that there will be no Moranbong Band jubilee concert in 6 July 2017. But I am often wrong in my reasonings.

  3. hellonc said:

    Not sure if this has been posted before, so I can be very much mistaken, but Uriminzokkiri posted studio versions of some older songs:

    Reunification Medley (2013):

    샘물터에서 (2013):

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